IDC #EUR145482319 Sage Infobrief

An IDC InfoBrief, Sponsored by 5 How to Become a Great SaaS Partner What are the implications for Sage partners? In the next section we provide a ‘best practice guide’ for each of these transformations: Differentiating for success, Customer success and Measuring success. SaaS typically has a much lower upfront cost and quicker implementation cycle — impacting traditional channel income streams from resell and implementation services — necessitating the need for new services and capabilities. SaaS runs on a subscription and/or recurring-revenue model, meaning that customer value builds over a longer time — necessitating changes in sales commission models and selling skills. This shift from larger, one-time revenue deals to recurring revenue means partners need to find ways to capture “lost” revenue through differentiation — for example, building new products or services or collaborating with other organisations with complementary offerings and skills (partner-to-partner collaboration) with the objective of bolstering revenue streams. Customers want better outcomes, quicker — SaaS provides this, but necessitates new approaches to achieving customer success …  … and new ways of measuring that success .